Transitions® VI

 How do Transitions® lenses work?

Transitions lenses are photochromic lenses which activate when exposed to Ultra Violet radiation (UV rays).
Transitions lenses benefit from a patented technology developed & constantly improved by Transitions Optical.
When the UV light diminishes, the lenses fade back to clear. Transitions lenses help reduce glare as they
automatically adapt to outdoor light intensity, improving contrast so patients can see more clearly and feel less eye



Shamir Transitions® VI lenses now available: An Ultimate Lens Package

By working hand in hand with Transitions Optical, Shamir offers premium photochromic progressive & single

vision lenses with high performance. The collaboration between Shamir and Transitions merges cutting-edge lens

designs with state-of-the art photocromic technology. This combination provides patients with high added value

lenses offering optimum indoor/outdoor comfort.


6 reasons to help your customers SEE BETTER TODAY AND TOMORROW:


I. 73%* of people declare their eyes are sensitive to light.
II. 82%* find glare affects their vision outdoors.
III. 7%* only are aware that extended sun exposure can cause damage to eyes.
IV. Transitions lenses provide all the benefits of clear lenses outdoors.
V. They help reduce glare so that you can see more clearly and feel less
eye fatigue.
VI. They block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Now available from Shamir: transitions-logo

Transitions XTRActive lenses are the darkest everyday lenses ever.

They darken even inside the car*, fading back indoors.

Transitions XTRActive lenses are the new everyday adaptive lenses, that go XTRA dark outdoors.

They go XTRA dark in sunny conditions and they also darken inside the car, to offer superior visual comfort.

As with all Transitions lenses, Transitions XTRActive protect your eyes, blocking 100% UV rays, 100% of the time.


* Darkening of Transitions XTRActive lenses behind a windscreen of a car is influenced by several factors including shape and inclination of the windscreen, windscreen transmission, driver position, lateral windows.




* IPSOS Healthy Sight Survey for Transitions Optical, 2007 & 2008

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Transitions® VI

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